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Stone of Israel Poster 2024

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Stone of Israel


Heard enough of all the dark news coming out of the Middle East these days? Want your children to learn about the beginning of the rich history of Israel in that region? Here’s a change of pace for you: the light-hearted musical tale STONE. This is the story of Joseph, a young Israeli boy who, though the favorite of his father, is hated and mistreated by his jealous brothers. Sold as a slave into Egypt, his status worsens as he lands in prison, falsely accused. But eventually he finds himself in a powerful position of authority over the whole country. Now his brothers have come searching for food during the great famine. Can he forgive them? Or will he finally have his revenge?


This is not a sober tale–not with songs like Pharaoh’s “The Skinny, the Fat, the Cow, the Corn,” and the Prisoner’s rendition of “A Woman Is a Woman Is a Woman.” With a funny and suspenseful script, brilliant costumes, exciting dances, accomplished singers, all accompanied by a live orchestra, this is an evening of real entertainment for you and your whole family.


Dates (March):

First Weekend:

1st – 7:00 pm
2nd – 7:00 pm
3rd – 3:00 pm
Second Weekend:
8th – 7:00 pm
9th – 7:00 pm
10th – 3:00 pm


Baker Creek Community Church
325 NW Baker Creek Rd, McMinnville, OR 97128

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